Vital Environment offer a wide range of revegetation solutions.

Our leading heat treated wood fibre hydromulch, VE Gro-Matt, is made with 100% recycled Australian softwood. Unlike other products in the industry our materials are not sourced from unsustainable raw materials from third world countries. As a 100% Australian owned and operated company, Vital Environment prides itself on environmental compliance and efficacy, as well as being governed by a sustainable approach in all of our internal manufacturing and supply processes.

Once incorporated with Vital Chemical’s nutrient infused polymer range, VE Gro-Matt delivers the leading Bonded Fibre Matrix (BFM). Our BFM possesses superior moisture holding capacity to mitigate erosion whilst creating the ideal environment for vegetation establishment. Vital Environment’s partner – Vital Chemical – delivers purpose manufactured polymer base stabilising products for all soil types and surface. At Vital Environment, we look forward to the complex challenges which Australian soils may throw at us!

VE Gro-Matt (BFM)

The use of an appropriate matrix medium is essential for all revegetation and rehabilitation projects. VE Gro-Matt offers unique features which will ensure your project falls within budget with the quality results you expect.

VE Gro-Matt is a 100% Australian made and owned bonded wood fibre matrix product, specifically designed for all revegetation and erosion control solutions. The wood fibres comprising VE Gro-Matt are 100% sustainably sourced from recycled and heat treated wood fibres. When employed in combination with Vital Chemical’s nutrient infused Vital Bon-Matt products as tackifiers, the VE Gro-Matt bonded fibre matrix (BFM) creates ideal growing conditions. The result is the delivery of a premium nutrient composition in combination with the VE Gro-Matt’s unique water holding capabilities.

VE Gro-Matt employed together with Vital Bon-Matt nutrient infused products provides immediate and superior erosion control whilst establishing a long-term and sustainable growth medium.

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VE Organic-Matt

VE Organic-Matt provides a nutrient rich revegetation solution for the long term rehabilitation of depleted soils.  An effective solution for rehabilitating land which has been disturbed by mining and construction activity.

VE Organic-Matt is defined by a two layer installation, the first layer is a rich organically microbial infused wood fibre which creates a growing foundation both in the short and long term. The second layer distributes the custom seed blend within VE Gro-Matt.  This process promotes a sustained ecosystem, tapping into the nutrients below and drawing on the water retention capabilities of the heat treated wood fibre.  Together, the organically nutritious foundation and the growth properties of VE Gro-Matt, promote fast strike for effective erosion control and sustainable vegetation.

VE-Organic Matt is hydraulically applied and installed allowing for applications over hard to reach slopes.

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Vital Strike

With the ability to provide instant stabilisation in combination with improved seed germination, Vital Strike leads the way in vegetation establishment technology.

Developed for immediate erosion control and growth, Vital Strike provides an environment for sustainable long term ground cover and revegetation and is proven to offer immediate soil stabilisation and vegetation establishment to the exposed area.

Vital Strike provides solutions for environmental and revegetation compliance requirements and employs proven and available nutrients for immediate results which complement the soil stabilisation process.

Vital Strike’s formulation aims to deliver effective soil stabilisation with efficient nutrient supply. It’s unique chelating delivery system incorporates trace elements for optimum uptake and nutrition, with maximum results.

Offering cost efficiencies and certified as non-hazardous. Vital Strike is quick and easy to apply to any seeded area or in combination with seed as a hydroseed alternative. Vital Strike reduces dust and erosion from the applied surface whilst increasing moisture retention and reducing weed.

Vital Strike, providing cost efficient, revegetation and immediate soil stabilisation combined all in one product.

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Vital Polykelp

Vital Polykelp, a part of the Vital Bon-Matt series of erosion and dust control products, offers immediate soil stabilisation whilst incorporating a balanced range of nutrients for amelioration.

Developed for immediate erosion control and growth, Vital Polykelp provides an environment for sustainable long term ground cover and vegetation growth.

Vital Polykelp is proven to offer immediate soil stabilisation through erosion control and the establishment of vegetation to exposed areas for environmental and compliance requirements.

The biostimulants and soil conditioners incorporated into Vital Polykelp’s formulation provide available nutrients for immediate results which complement soil stabilisation.

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